Obama Versus Iran's Ahmadinejad. Now Taking Bets On Who Blinks First


Give these Iranian whacks an inch….

…and they will very soon start demanding a mile as displayed here by emboldened Iranian president and scuzzy looking little dirtbag Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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The US should apologise for “crimes” it has committed against Iran if it wants a better relationship with Tehran, the Iranian president said today, after recent overtures to the Muslim world from the new administration in Washington.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s uncompromising tone followed a conciliatory message from Barack Obama, the US president, earlier this week when he told the Islamic world: “We are not your enemies.” In his inauguration last week, Obama offered to extend a hand of peace if Iran “unclenched its fist”.

At a rally in western Iran today, broadcast live on national television, Ahmadinejad said Iran would welcome a change in US policy provided it involved a withdrawal of American troops from abroad and an apology to Iran.

I have an old fencepost out back that was smart enough to see this kind of response from Iran after Obama’s little sit down with Al-Arabiya TV. You show these thugs just a hint of weakness and they will jump at the chance to quickly back you into a corner and propagandize the situation in their favor within minutes, precisely as Ahmadinejad has now done.

What is it like being backed into a corner by these guys?

Just ask Jimmy Carter…


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