Liberals Dry Heaving Over Hillary Clinton Replacement, Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand


New York Governor David Paterson announced the replacement for Hillary Clinton’s vacated Senate seat today by selecting U.S. Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand…and predictably the liberals go apeshit. Evidently all was cool when she was going about her business for two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives but when Paterson made his choice public the media couldn’t wait to go track down anyone that could be quoted as being aghast that this woman, who is endorsed by the NRA, could possibly be the right person for the job. Wait a minute. A Democrat that has firm backing from the National Rifle Association? I thought this group only supported those far right wing gun nuts that want to have the right to own bazookas and have tanks parked in their driveway?

This is a travesty! An Obamanation if you will!

Wait a minute again. Since when did a perfectly legal and very popular organization, that was ironically chartered in the state of New York way back in 1871, dedicated to preserving our unalienable God given rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution become a bad thing to add to your resume?

Well it’s only a problem in the simple minds of these whacked out liberals that no doubt would love to “Palinize” this woman as best they can, with the assistance of their willing accomplices in the media of course.

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Representative Carolyn McCarthy states she lost her husband in a shooting rampage and decides it was the instrument that was used that was the problem and not the pile of human debris that pulled the trigger? Did she ride the wave of sympathy after her loss into office so she could do everything possible to attempt to take away the rights of millions because of this tragic event? I hope not. Had he been killed by an illegal alien running from the police while driving a stolen car would she have dedicated her political career to removing illegal aliens from our society…along with cars? Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

Now just like you folks I kept waiting for this “news” source to provide the other side of the coin in this broadcast but alas there was none. Perhaps millions of New Yorkers are thrilled this woman will be their Senator but we’ll never know with this type of one sided “reporting” now will we?

One thing I will say is this new U.S. Senator is knee deep in it with her pal Hillary Clinton and has an expansive political lineage in New York politics so the folks barking like wild dogs over this appointment will find out soon enough that they may be probably better off… backing off for now and save it for 2010.

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