Jimmy Carter Disses Bill Clinton In The Hug Line. Slick Willy No Doubt "Crushed."


I have to say this clip of Jimmy “I love any country that hates America” Carter giving the ‘nee neer nee neer I can’t see you’ to Bill Clinton is hilarious. This disastrous single term president, one many would agree was among the worst this country has ever had to endure, that flits all over the world pretending to bring people together that have despised each other for centuries shuffling right past one of the most popular (and not in the least for all the right reasons) political figures we have ever known…is a gas.

“C’mon Rosalind, nothing to see here. Let’s move along…”

Hillary’s WTF? look….priceless!

Back when this country had a little class rolling around there used to be an unwritten rule amongst former presidents that have served their time and that was to, for the sake of the country, just fade away, please. Unfortunately we have two egotistical Democrats here that apparently, for some time now, failed to open the memo and read it. Amusing to witness the childish behaviors of old men who’s flickers of fame have long since burned out eh?

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