Obama, Biden Meet With Supreme Court Justices While Lawsuits Challenging Obama's Eligibility As POTUS With The Court Are Pending


President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden were invited to spend some happy time with most of the Supreme Court crew Wednesday afternoon for a little meet-n-greet. How touching.

The problem with this is the fact that this very same Supreme Court has a few cases (here and here) before it RIGHT NOW questioning the eligibility of Mr. Obama to serve in the position he was elected selected for, President of these United States.

Since this type of arrangement is not considered “protocol” or “tradition” one must wonder if this was an appropriate meeting considering the circumstances.

Justice Samuel Alito decided against appearing in the dog and pony show and evidently found something a little less repugnant to spend time doing that afternoon. Good for him.

When Justice John G. Roberts swears in Obama so he can begin the further eroding of our Constitution on 20 January 2009 it will mark the first time in history a Supreme Court Justice swears in a president who voted against his confirmation as a sitting senator. Too bad the tables couldn’t be turned right there on the spot, eh?

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Feel the love folks, just feel it….


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