Did Rush Limbaugh Meet Up With Barack Obama To Discuss Economic policy?


Inquiring minds want to know, did Rush Limbaugh make the big meeting with Barack Obama last night? We know Obama hooked up with “Washington conservatives” (neither of these guys would I ever consider to be true conservatives but they help balance things out in the scheme of things in D.C. I suppose) William Kristol (Weekly Standard) and David Brooks (New York Times) at columnist and right leaning pundit George Will’s Maryland home for dinner Tuesday night but the question is, was Rushbo there too?

From Rush’s website,

Speculation swirled all over the EIB: Obama asked for ideas to save the economy, Rush had some good ones on Monday, and Tuesday he’s mysteriously in Washington… coincidence?

Rush on Monday: “Now, remember, Obama said, ‘Show me what works and we’ll do it.’ It seems to me, folks, that the simplest, fastest, and most direct way to do this is to bail out the rich. If we are going to save our economy the bailout of the wealthy cannot wait. The rich need further tax cuts. This is what’s necessary and I would be willing to personally present this plan to President-elect Obama because it has worked. I’m just offering, a personal trip, nobody even has to know about this.”

Somehow I just can’t quite see Rush doing this because I’m sure his listeners would throw a fit but since I don’t listen to his show I reckon I’ll just have to hear what happened later on today from one of the radio talk shows I am able to catch on a regular basis.

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  1. syndicate says:

    Most reasonable people know Rush is nothing but an entertainer and there is no reason for Obama to waste his time with Rush.

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