Bakersfield CA Police Turn Bad Guy's Relatives Into Millionaires.


Here we have a bad actor running full speed ahead with one quick backwards glance and the next thing you know ‘pop pop pop pop pop’ and a face plant by the very-soon-to-be-dead-guy. In the back? Tell me the cops didn’t just shoot this guy in the back. Damn.

“Aww he deserved it! The guy shot some dude then carjacked him! The jerk then led police on a dangerous high speed chase and wouldn’t surrender. Hell with him..he definitely deserved it.”

That would no doubt be the sentiment of many that take a minute to view this thing but I have to say this one is going to cost the city and at least three officers big time. Making millionaires out of families that produce dirtbags because of wrongful death lawsuits just doesn’t seem like the prudent thing to do in this current economic environment. Sure insurance companies take care of most of the settlement but in the end the taxpayer always pays.

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A man suspected in a violent carjacking has died after being shot by Bakersfield police.

Jose Peyan-Leal, 22, died Sunday night at Kern Medical Center after being shot by police that morning. He’s suspected of shooting 35-year-old Julio Diaz while trying to steal Diaz’ Dodge Durango.

Diaz, whom neighbors say is a cement worker with three children, was listed Monday night in guarded condition at Kern Medical Center.

Peyan-Leal allegedly shot Diaz in the stomach and stole his SUV at about 9:30 a.m. Sunday on the 700 block of Geneva Avenue. Police then chased Peyan-Leal until he crashed through a fence at the Bakersfield Municipal Airport and flipped the stolen SUV in an empty lot off Watts Drive and South Union Avenue.

The suspect sat in the crashed Durango for several minutes with police ordering him to surrender. Peyan-Leal got out of the SUV and started running away with a gun allegedly in his hand, spurring police to shoot him.

Eyewitness News photographer/reporter James Koh filmed the standoff and subsequent police shooting. He said officers yelled commands and warnings to the suspect, but he didn’t respond at first.

Officers went up to the car and started breaking out windows. Koh said the suspect started moving at that point.

“Once he came to, the cops again were saying, ‘Step out of the vehicle. You’re considered armed and dangerous. Put your hands in the air,'” Koh said. “When he started running, they said it again several times. And, obviously, he didn’t respond.”

Five shots can be heard on the Eyewitness News recording.

On Monday morning, Bakersfield police were back at the parking lot conducting a walk through. Officers who fired shots went there and explained to department investigators exactly what happened.

The officers involved in the shooting have been identified by the department as T.J. Martinez, Christopher Yslas and Allen Ronk.

Police are holding two investigations, according to Sgt. Greg Terry. One investigation is administrative and the other is criminal, but both will determine if the officers acted within department, state and federal guidelines.

“In a situation where the officer needs to protect himself or someone else from imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death,” described Terry of when deadly force is allowed. “The law also allows the use of deadly force to stop or apprehend a fleeing suspect.”

Terry said it’s not clear how long the investigations would last. He said investigators found what they believe was the suspect’s gun on the ground near the suspect following the police shooting, but Terry wouldn’t disclose additional details about the gun.

“(Officers) knew this suspect had just shot someone, stole their vehicle and led officers on a very dangerous pursuit and was trying to escape into the community,” Terry said.

Several witnesses to the police shooting said they thought the suspect as a threat.

“I was just so hoping it wasn’t going to hit any airplanes or come through our restaurant,” said Sonia Avera, a waitress at the restaurant at the air park. “I mean, the glass is right there.”

Jeff Ruck saw the final minutes of the police pursuit, and he said officers did the right thing.

“I have no love for the BPD, but I’ll tell you, I would have done the same thing,” Ruck said.

A word to the wise. As a regular citizen, shooting someone in the back as they are fleeing will land you in the kind of legal morass you couldn’t and wouldn’t ever imagine. Once the immediate threat has ended and the perp has grabbed a hat and fled the scene DO NOT go after them and by all means DO NOT shoot at them. While it may seem like a dandy idea at the time the amount of grief that will come flooding your way from the people with the power to lock you up for the rest of your life will far exceed the very brief feeling of exhilaration you may feel hitting the hairball right between the shoulder blades with a well aimed .45 hollowpoint.

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