Keeping The U.S. Safe Since 9-11-01-President Bush Hammers Liberal Weenie Matt Lauer During '06 Chit Chat


As the end of George Bush’s term is nigh upon us (and the fact that I can’t stand this stinking little thumb sucking pansy ass Matt Lauer) I thought it would be a terrific time to go back a few years and track down an interview he gave explaining why this country has not been attacked since 11 September 2001. Jackasses like Lauer and his fellow empty headed vacuous lamestream media hacks have done their level best to try and show President Bush as a bumbling fool for years but as can clearly be seen from this exchange, as long as he isn’t reading from a script and simply tells it like it is (the very opposite of Obama by the way), it’s game on Nancy Boy Lauer. Lauer is the perfect example of the surrender monkey left wing asshat liberal Democrats in this country that can’t wait for the Islamic fanatics to set up shop here like they have in the U.K. and believe me they are coming here.

Anyone else get the sense George was just about ready to poke his finger all the way through the Mr.-Apologist-for-the-enemy girly boy’s chest?

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