Politicians Shredding The Constitution On A Daily Basis. No End To This Practice In Sight.


“Everyone in government takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, but few do so. Beginning with John Adams, and proceeding to Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and George W. Bush, congress has enacted and the President has signed laws that have criminalized political speech, suspended Habeas Corpus, compelled support for war, forbade the freedom of contract, allowed the government to spy on Americans without a search warrant, and use tax payer dollars to shore up failing private banks.

All of this legislation is so obviously in conflict with the plain words of the Constitution, that one wonders how Congress gets away with it.”

“Congress has written over 4,000 criminal laws, that make up over one million pages of text. And, the law presumes that we understand all of it.

Does the Congress recognize any limits on it’s ability to legislate whatever it wants? Yes, whatever it can get away with.”

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