Tolerance Tee Shirt Test Proves Liberals Truly Intolerant.


A 14 year old eighth grader in Oak Park Illinois proves once again just how intolerable the so called all inclusive liberals really are and in the process has turned into a bit of a mini celebrity, giving interviews to news outlets all over the country. I caught her story this morning on Fox News. Prior to the recent election perky little Catherine Vogt decided to conduct a top secret experiment at her school, with the knowledge of her history teacher, to see just how “diverse” the thoughts and opinions of her fellow students and school staff would be regarding the presidential candidates.

Her plan was to wear tee shirts to school emblazoned with “McCain Girl” in red on one day and “Obama Girl” in blue on another and document the reactions of the students, teachers and administrators.

Her project revolved around simply wearing the shirts and taking notes. She apparently was not interested in engaging in debate or “defending” her political choice when wearing the shirts, she was more interested in gaging responses and boy did she get them!

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What she quickly discovered was two completely divergent points of view when it came to McCain and Obama from the students and teachers.

Sporting the McCain shirt on the first day of the experiment she was quickly pounced upon as stupid, no wait…very stupid and she received several suggestions that perhaps she should die or as a few kids proclaimed “get killed.” One brilliant student recommended an interesting punishment telling Vogt, “you should be crucifixed.” Vogt was keeping track of all the comments in her notebook including those that said she should be burned with her shirt on because she was a filthy rich Republican. Not to be outdone by all of the lightweight stuff being bandied about some pint sized knuckleheads felt Vogt, by showing her “support” for McCain, was basically agreeing with those skinheads that were plotting to whack Obama prior to the election. Keep in mind these are middle school students.

On the few times she did get a thumbs up on the McCain shirt it was done quietly and off to the side.

Still alive after all of the vile threats on her well being for representing those evil Republicans Vogt slipped into the Obama shirt the next day and off to school she went.

Boy what a difference a day makes. Suddenly Vogt’s brain grew back and she was smart again so said her classmates. She was told by many that they liked her new shirt and it was nice to see she had the “right one” on that day. Instantly she was back in the good graces of the enlightened elites. As far as I can tell there is no record of any threats on her life from the closeted McCain fans at the school. Funny how that works.

Now we know kids this age spend much more time playing hoops on their Playstations, texting like mad on their LG Shines and stuffing Ipod earbuds into their heads than reading Rush Limbaugh’s homepage so just where does the anger, nastiness and vitriol come from? In Catherine Vogt’s case mom is a liberal and her pops is a conservative so she probably absorbs a fairly balanced shouting match during dinnertime but what about the little school creeps that wanted to snuff her lights out? In Oak Park it’s probably a safe bet that most of these kids go home to Keith Olbermann fans every afternoon hence the ‘tude towards the McCain shirt.

Of course home isn’t the only place these kids get their heads jammed full of the liberal disease that has infected our society, the schools have been a terrific breeding ground for this particular strain of bacteria for decades.

Take Obama supporter Diantha Harris who teaches at the Mary McArthur Elementary School in Fayetteville North Carolina. She decided to take a poll of her students to see “who they were pullin’ for” in the upcoming presidential election. It didn’t take long to hear her sighs of “Oh no John McCain.” “Oh Jesus John McCain.”

Notice how she singles out a girl ,who’s father is serving in the military, and scolds her in front of her classmates over the Iraq war…like any of these kids have any real clue what is going on over there. This teacher, who clearly needs some work on how to speak properly, pumps up and praises the little girl that shows support for Obama but deliberately tries to embarrass and isolate the kids that don’t see it her way. Several people have expressed their outrage over the teacher’s behavior in this video and sent notes of their displeasure to Harris’ supervisors at:

(School principal’s name-Lola B Williams-school phone number is-(910)424-2206.

School Superintendent William C. Harrison (910)678-2300)

First of all I don’t want our kids in elementary school stressing out over politics. I don’t want middle school kids stressing out over politics either. I want these kids learning how to read, write and master mathematics. That is what my tax money should be paying for NOT political indoctrination to further the liberal agenda in this country. It’s a sad fact when books and newspaper articles must be written at the seventh grade level so adults are able to comprehend them. It’s a sad fact when restaurants must print out the recommended gratuity on the tab because many people can’t figure out basic percentages.

These two situations presented here are not atypical. From elementary school through college our young people are fed a consistent diet of liberal mush and these kids have no way of expressing their disagreement with it without repercussions. If they try they are singled out and humiliated in front of the rest of the class. In college it can cost a student thousands of dollars and years of work as a conservative crossing swords with a liberal professor. Who the hell wants to deal with that? Most people don’t and the liberals know it.

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