Obama Supporters Shoot, Shout And Slap-Chicago Style.


Some of Obama’s fans ran amok in his hometown of Chicago shooting rounds into the air and into the ground (and pretty much all year, into each other) and boy were they excited about their guy’s victory in the presidential election. Unfortunately some folks got a little more carried away than others and it was apparent several didn’t get Obama’s memo about everyone coming together in this country and embracing all that change we can believe in.

19-year-old Celita Hart taunted officers as she stood with a throng of Obama supporters in the 6900 block of South Western Avenue, Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto said in a court Wednesday. At some point, authorities said, Hart left the crowd, which had been chanting “Obama, Obama,” walked up to a squad car, and smacked a male officer in the face. “White bitches. F— McCain. You white police can’t do nothing.”

Kenneth Smith, a 24-year- old felon, never stated why he fired three rounds at his residence, in the 6700 block of South Ada Street, he complained that officers only arrested him “because a black man won for president,” Scaduto said.

What in the hell was this 19 year old girl doing slapping a cop and calling him a “white bitch” and can we all imagine what would have happened if this situation was the other way around?

Surely the 24 year old felon knows it is illegal for anyone in his circumstances to possess a firearm anywhere in the country! Is this a vision of the way things are going to be in this country? Free rein for blacks to do whatever they want because Obama has been elected?

No doubt Obama will step up and do what he can to heal the country and convince his supporters to ratchet things down before all hell breaks loose. After all that is what true leaders do in times of chaos and crisis.

Same day update:

Wow…just wow. Check out the story and picture.

Update 11-12-08:

Another racist attack from a group of blacks.

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