Obama Supporters Dazed And Confused!


This election was truly a watershed event. Obama supporters came out of the woodwork tirelessly campaigning for the man that would “change the world” and no doubt make their lives become the living utopia that “The One” promised over and over again.

However these folks must not have access to news sources (evidenced by the fact that none of these people could explain exactly what Obama has done in his life that qualifies him to become president other that the fact that he is “black” and “it’s time for that”) as Obama and his band of merry socialists have clearly stated that the whole campaign was a farce and they have no intention of fulfilling any of the pledges made to the masses. In fact they are currently searching out ways to getting out of paying a grip of temporary campaign workers!

Look at it this way you Obamabot zombies, he is already running for his next term so grab a cup of Starbucks, take some vitamin B and pump up because round two is already here!

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