McCain Yard Sign Thief In North Carolina Caught On Video!


A North Carolina McCain supporter, sick and tired of having his yard signs stolen, decided to:

1) Discover the identity of the chump stealing the signs

2) Give said chump a little zap for his/her sign purloining efforts

Since he lived in a predominantly Obama lover infested enclave the potential pool of miscreants was huge however that fact was not going to slow him down in his quest to “out” the trespassing sign thief. You see Shawn Turschak of Chapel Hill has a degree in electrical engineering and he decided to make damn good use of his college education by cobbling together a nifty yard sign theft deterrent device consisting of a pet fence power source and some heavy duty wire…and stuff.

Turschak, presumably to cover his butt in case of the inevitable screams of denial from the alleged sign swiper or perhaps strictly for entertainment purposes, rigged up a video camera aimed directly at the bait sign. Sure enough the camera captured the sneaky thief as he cautiously approached the offending McCain/Palin advertisement thingy, well prepared to carry out his nefarious game plan.

The video camera and deterrent system worked perfectly and in fact spared Turschak from yet another gas wasting trip to the local GOP office to pick up a new sign. This caper, brazenly pulled off in broad daylight, clearly shows the lawbreaker just as they are about to snag Turschak’s sign right off of his private property.

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There you have it folks. In typical Obama supporter style the adults, too full of chickenshit to do the dastardly deed themselves, send a kid out to steal the guy’s sign. Amazingly enough the father, Andrew Noble, of this pint sized future felon had the stones to pound on the homeowner’s door demanding an explanation for the unexpected hair straightening experience his son just suffered. Daddy said his little boy “just wanted to see how the sign was put together” proving that it isn’t just Mr. Obama that really sucks at telling lies. The cops stopped by to see what the commotion was all about and decided that the slight jolt the kid received did not conflict with any existing statutes and send the kid and his father on their way.

I’m sure that the Obama fan family will be filing a lawsuit soon claiming their child has been irreparably harmed and will no longer possess the ability to steal political yard signs that his parents loathe and therefore is entitled to vast sums of Turschak’s financial holdings. Stay tuned as I am rarely wrong when it comes to absolute stupidity and liberals.

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