Understanding Barack Obama: The personification of a power mad narcissist.


The other half of this country that sees Barack Obama for exactly what he is have stood back in bewilderment for nearly two years now. This cult like fascination over someone that has accomplished very little of any real substance in his professional life, has a long history of associating with crooks, sleazebags, radicals and race baiters and who’s secretive past can only be somewhat documented by a couple of self authored books is truly baffling.

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What is it that people obsess over when it comes to Obama? I see nothing but a charlatan and a teleprompter jockey. Cut him loose from those and he flaps in the wind. His flip flops on every subject of substance is very troubling. In fact it is even more frightening to watch the Democrats and Obama bots in lock step trying to defend and substantiate his wacky 180s.

I have asked dozens of people to give me something to work with as they tell me they are voting for Obama. Anything folks! They have nothing except his promises and his carefully crafted speeches where he tries to appeal to everyone.

Critics say that Presidential candidate Barack Obama tries to “be all things to all people” and that he makes too many “pie-in-the-sky” promises. At a recent political rally, Obama tried to overcome these criticisms by emphasizing his commitment to principles. Afterwards, audience members lined up at a microphone to ask Obama questions.

The first person at the microphone said, “I oppose the war in Iraq. If you are elected, what will you do about that?”

“I will end the war in Iraq within two weeks of taking office,” answered Obama. “All our troops will come home, and I will simultaneously make sure the Iraqi government is functioning and secure.”

The second person in line said, “I’m an illegal alien. What will you do for people like me?”

“If I am elected,” answered Obama, “every illegal alien will receive U.S. citizenship, free health coverage, and a scholarship to the university of your choice.”

The third person in line said, “I’m a conservative. If elected, what will you do for me?”

Obama responded, “I’ll send that first guy to Iraq, and the second guy back to Mexico.”

Within his cult nobody seems to care about his past, who he is, who he spent time with and what his true beliefs are. Those of us outside the bubble are quite a bit more concerned about these issues.

This is an interesting video that might answer a few questions for those that have them…

Astonishing how this video perfectly matches how at least half this country feels about Obama. Read Dr. Ali Sina’s article about Barack Obama here.

His heavy handed efforts to snuff out any opposition to his presidential campaign has begun to alarm many people about his plans if he were to be elected especially with virtually the entire media in the tank for him. Get ready folks….


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