"The most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history."


Let’s take a quick peek at how the big party began shall we:

Well that sure didn’t hold up too well over the last two years now did it Nancy Pelosi?

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Nancy Pelosi, newly chosen Speaker of the House in 2006, showed her unbelievable hubris right off the bat by asking  for (well demanding really) a luxurious and specially configured version of the Boeing 757-200 commercial intercontinental airliner (military version is called a C-2) for her personal use. The plane seats 45 passengers with business-class accommodations and a crew of up to 16, depending on the mission. According to press sources it features a communications center, a fully enclosed stateroom for the primary passenger, a changing area, a conference facility, an entertainment system, and a convertible divan that seats three and folds out to a bed. The airliner can cost as much as $22,000 an hour to operate. Media reports claimed that Pelosi was seeking regular flights not only for herself and her staff, but also for relatives and for other members of the California delegation. Basically she was requesting carte blanche access to this aircraft at any time. A source close to the controversy over the request made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-Clueless), for use of a military plane that can fly to and from her home district in San Francisco without having to stop to refuel claimed that the Pentagon has blown off Pelosi’s request even though her friend and political ally John Murtha, a former Marine, had tried to step in on her behalf.

When she took over the leadership she showed just how sharp she was when she named Silvestre Reyes as the chairman of the very important House Intelligence Committee even though he was utterly clueless about some pretty basic questions concerning commonly known terrorists groups. When he was asked whether members of Al Qaeda came from the Sunni or the Shia branch of Islam he responded, “Al Qaeda, they have both,” he answered, adding: “Predominantly probably Shi’ite.” Well not quite there Reyes, al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden’s gang is made up of Sunnis who pretty much hate the Shi’ites. When Reyes was quizzed about Hezzbolah, the Lebanese Shi’a group, he offered up this, “Hezbollah. Uh, Hezbollah . . .” Why do you ask me these questions at five o’clock? Can I answer in Spanish? Do you speak Spanish?”

Meanwhile the highest ranking Democratic member of the Intelligence Committee and fellow Californian Jane Harmon was passed over for the chairmanship because she apparently had a little spat with Pelosi who puts the country at risk because of some silly pettiness, how childish.

Then there was that little pissing match she had with the current Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Anybody remember when she tried to shoehorn John Murtha into the leadership spot and bump Hoyer, a political adversary, out on his can? If I remember correctly she was amped on Murtha (D-Haditha, Iraq) because he shared her loony vision of yanking our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible without any real thought of what would happen if we did that.

Murtha, infamous for his involvement in the  ABSCAM scandal and his free wheeling hand outs to political contributors, certainly would not have fit well in the leadership spot considering Pelosi’s promise to have the most ethical, corruption free House in history. It was quite a carnival in the House while all of this silly crap was going down. Nice judgment there Nancy.

Continuing on with Murtha, who happens to top out on the list of Congressional pork barrel spenders just about every year, it seems he is real big on paying back those that contribute to his campaigns and keep him in office. According to RollCall.com:

“Every private entity that Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) favored with an earmark in this year’s defense bill recently has given political money to the lawmaker, according to an analysis of House Appropriations and federal elections records by Roll Call and Taxpayers for Common Sense.

PACs and employees of those 26 groups together have contributed $413,250 to Murtha since the beginning of 2005. He collected nearly a quarter of the sum — $100,750 — in the two weeks leading up to March 16, the original deadline for lawmakers to file their earmark requests.

As chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, Murtha has unrivaled clout to insert targeted spending measures into the bill. This year, he used it to direct $114.5 million worth of projects, spread over 40 separate earmarks, to the private entities. Murtha rewarded these groups for their political contributions by allocating $114.5 million to them.”

Don’t worry folks, Pelosi is on it because she wants a squeaky clean House of Representatives.

That said we have this gentleman from Louisiana that got himself tangled up with a boat load of criminal charges and having to address why he had $90,000 in cash secreted away in his home freezer. The money was found when the feds raided his house in Washington D.C. Representative William Jefferson, (D-La/Leavenworth Penitentiary) has some serious ‘splainin’ to do after getting indicted on federal charges back in 2007 for racketeering, money-laundering, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, conspiracy and soliciting more than $400,000 in bribes in connection with years of trying to broker business deals in Africa.

It looks like this kind of bad behavior might run in the Jefferson genes as several of William’s family members were also indicted in June 2008 for program fraud, identity theft and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The whole gang is looking at some serious gray bar hotel time if they get convicted of the charges and since it would be difficult for Jefferson to conduct House business from a prison cell it is possible, well maybe even likely, that Pelosi will ask him to resign his seat. Until then it looks like she is fine with him hanging around the House even though she did ask him to step down from his Ways and Means committee assignment which he did.

Speaking of the House Ways and Means Committee, the folks that write the tax laws we all must follow in this country. How would the American people feel about the chairman of this powerful committee cheating on his taxes? Yes, I said cheat, not made a mistake, not forgot about some simple issue on a nondescript form years ago, but a flat out failure to report income and pay taxes on rental units he has owned FOR 20 YEARS! Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY/Rikers Island) allegedly forgot about the vacation beach property he owns and visits on a regular basis in the Dominican Republic. The price tag for the 78 year old gravelly voiced congressman looks to be upwards of $10,000 in back taxes however the internal ethics panel is still trying to unravel exactly what the details were of the oddball mortgage scheme Rangel had on this property. Since the ethics folks were already knee deep in Rangel’s filing cabinet they decided to take a look at how he came to rent four rent-controlled units in his Harlem district, as well as his use of official congressional stationery to try to attract potential donors to a college center named after him. The head of the committee that writes the tax laws for this country still has his job after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed this troubling situation with this insightful comment, “I see no reason why Mr. Rangel should step down.” Atta girl Nancy, way to keep those promises of an ethical group of Congressional Democrats.

Her ill-advised trip to terrorist haven Syria in April 2007 only helped to emphasize just how utterly uninformed this woman is when it comes to ramming her ignorant nose into our country’s foreign policy. This foolish attempt of the third most powerful politician in the U.S. to play Secretary of State without the blessing of the Bush administration did nothing to solve the serious problems in the Middle East. Her bumbling and fumbling and misstating Israeli policy towards Syria not only threw Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for a loop but sent some seriously screwy and conflicting messages to the Syrians about just what our country’s policies are in the Middle East. She allowed some terrorist thug, Syrian President Bashar Assad, to propagandize her visit as a high ranking U.S. politician and play it against official administration policy while she sat beside him with the “deer in the headlights” look on her face.

From the Washington Post:

“HOUSE SPEAKER Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) offered an excellent demonstration yesterday of why members of Congress should not attempt to supplant the secretary of state when traveling abroad. After a meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, Ms. Pelosi announced that she had delivered a message from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that “Israel was ready to engage in peace talks” with Syria. What’s more, she added, Mr. Assad was ready to “resume the peace process” as well.

Only one problem: The Israeli prime minister entrusted Ms. Pelosi with no such message. “What was communicated to the U.S. House Speaker does not contain any change in the policies of Israel,” said a statement quickly issued by the prime minister’s office.

“We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace,” Ms. Pelosi grandly declared.

Never mind that that statement is ludicrous: As any diplomat with knowledge of the region could have told Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Assad is a corrupt thug whose overriding priority at the moment is not peace with Israel but heading off U.N. charges that he orchestrated the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri. The really striking development here is the attempt by a Democratic congressional leader to substitute her own foreign policy for that of a sitting Republican president. Two weeks ago Ms. Pelosi rammed legislation through the House of Representatives that would strip Mr. Bush of his authority as commander in chief to manage troop movements in Iraq. Now she is attempting to introduce a new Middle East policy that directly conflicts with that of the president. We have found much to criticize in Mr. Bush’s military strategy and regional diplomacy. But Ms. Pelosi’s attempt to establish a shadow presidency is not only counterproductive, it is foolish.”

Case in point Speaker Pelosi, from today’s Jerusalem Post:

“10-2-08, A year after Israel allegedly bombed a partially constructed nuclear reactor deep in the heart of Syria, the nuclear aspirations of Syrian President Bashar Assad have not subsided, with the country redoubling its efforts to develop a nuclear program, Asharq Alawsat reported on Thursday.

The newspaper quoted the sources as saying that like the bombed nuclear reactor, the newest facilities were being built with the backing of North Korea. Furthermore, last month, a group of Iranian experts arrived in Syria and also joined the project, the sources told the paper.

The sources emphasized that Israel would not sit idly by and allow such activity to proceed unhindered, adding that in the past year, three separate events have proved that a “nuclear armed Syria is a red line which can’t be crossed.”

A shameful rebuke by the left leaning Washington Post to the hyper partisan uber leftist Pelosi should be a clear sign that she was playing with fire far outside her competency zone. Something she is quite adept at doing.

Newsflash….this just in folks, literally.

The Speaker of the House, the “clean up Congress gal herself” Nancy Pelosi, just ripped a big stinky right in front of everybody. Yep, it seems that the Speaker, known to be worth tens of millions of dollars, has been sliding wads of donated campaign cash over to her husband’s business and has been for years. Paul Pelosi’s company, Financial Leasing Services Inc., was paid nearly $100,000 over the last 10 years for rent, utilities and accounting fees from the Speaker’s political action committee (PAC) “PAC for the Future.” It seems as though the payments from the PAC to Mr. Pelosi’s company have quadrupled since he personally assumed the role of treasurer of his wife’s committee in 2007 according to Federal Election Commission reports. Quadrupled! It seems that Financial Leasing Services is due to collect almost $50,000 this year which would be eight times as much as the company received annually from 2000 through 2005 when the committee was operated by another treasurer according to citizensforethics.org.

Of course Ms. Pelosi claims everything is completely legal with this arrangement insisting she is simply compensating her husband at fair market value  but when you consider that California is a community property state would she not be putting this money into her own pocket? What is really interesting is she was all gung ho when a bill was passed in the House last year (but died in that bastion of ethical behavior, the Senate) that would prohibit this very type of financial arrangement.

“Democrats are committed to reforming the way Washington does business,” Mrs. Pelosi said in a press release at the time. “Congressman [Adam] Schiff’s bill will help us accomplish that goal by increasing transparency in election campaigns and preventing the misuse of funds.”

According to a congressional watchdog group, citizensforethics.org, this isn’t the first time Pelosi’s PACs have been in ethical hot water. She had a PAC called “Team Majority” that was fined over $20,000 in 2004 for accepting donations in excess of federal laws and was closed down shortly after the fine was levied.

Now it very well may be legal for Pelosi to pay her husband’s company $50,000 a year for services rendered even though the amount of money flowing into FLS Inc. from her PAC has increased dramatically since Mr. Pelosi started looking after the books. What doesn’t jive is her acceptance speech where she claimed the American people sent Democrats to Congress to “restore civility and bi-partisanship to Washington D.C.”, to “restore integrity and honesty in Washington D.C.”, and to “have the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.” What a load of crap.

This is a long but important-to-listen-to video clearly showing the lack of cooperation with Republicans in the House over the bailout bill. This is a common theme with Pelosi, blame and castigate the Bush administration and Congressional Republicans for everything and take responsibility for nothing when things go haywire. Odd thought pattern since the Democrats control both houses of Congress and have for the last two years.

Bipartisanship huh? Has this woman ever taken responsibility for anything? Where the hell was she when things were falling apart? Where were her committee chairs? Don’t the Democrats in the House talk to each other? What kind of leadership is this from Pelosi? Is she even aware that the House of Representatives holds the country’s purse strings, controls this country’s money? In her disgustingly partisan speech on the House floor before the bailout vote this moron stands there and gives PROPS to Barney Frank for his leadership!!! This loudmouthed fruitloop Frank is one of the prime reasons that all financial hell has broken loose over the last week and a half! Keep in mind Pelosi and the House Democrats could have passed this bailout bill without a single Republican vote so why didn’t they? Because Pelosi and her gang did not want to be on the hook with constituents for this pork ladened boondoggle. You see if she could con enough Republicans to vote yes on this thing she could easily spin it around and blame them when word gets out what a mess the agreement is. Not only that but she went around to House Democrats that are vulnerable in the upcoming election and told them they could go ahead and vote no and they would be covered by yes votes by the Republicans. Always putting the party first over the citizens is Pelosi’s motto. Always has been.

The chickens come home to roost on the Democrats.

Speaker Pelosi and her Senate counterpart Harry Reid have presided over the lowest rated Congress in history managing to actually drop into the single digits at one point. She constantly rails against George Bush, calling him names and questioning his abilities yet her and Reid are clearly a major part of the real problems afflicting our nation. She promised an ethical term yet she is gaming the system using donated money from NON millionaires to supposedly pay her husband for services rendered. I guess her judgment failed her again not thinking how this would appear to the American people once it got out. She has been an abject failure as Speaker of the House and a huge part of the infamous do nothing 110th Congress. She is nothing more than a power mad narcissist and the American people have had enough of her nonsense, her failed policies, inability to get anything accomplished in Congress and lack of leadership. Take a hike Pelosi you far left wing hack so we can get this country back on track with John McCain and Sarah Palin at the helm and your stupid, childish and petty politics are relegated to obscurity where they belong.

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