Another Sarah Palin interview.


Most of us have seen the recent Charles Gibson, Governor Sarah Palin interview on ABC. Mrs. Palin has been selected as the Republican vice presidential running mate of John McCain, the presidential nominee. There has been a lot of chatter about the aggressive manner in which Gibson conducted himself when asking Palin various questions concerning her suitability of assuming the vice presidential role if elected. I think most of us appreciate it when those in the media, tasked with interviewing politicians, do their best to keep them on point with as little double speak as possible. However I believe it is imperative these media folks treat politicians the same, not go after one candidate with an obvious agenda in mind and treat the other side with kid gloves.

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The shameful actions by ABC to edit the Palin-Gibson interview to make her look far less informed on the issues than she is was truly despicable and the backlash against them was swift and predictable. Well, predictable to those who have been paying attention to every attempt by the liberals to smear the Alaskan Governor the last several weeks. It has been fun sitting back and watching it all blow up in their faces.

Of course it didn’t take long for the full interview to come out and the extent of the hatchet job performed by the editors at ABC was laid bare. It turns out Governor Palin did a mighty fine job in her first interview as a vice presidential nominee after all when you get a chance to see the entire transcript.

Back on task here, the subject of energy policy is constantly at the top of the page and on everyone’s mind in this country. Four dollar a gallon gas, $600 electric and $300 heating bills have a tendency to wake folks up. That said I came across an interesting interview with Governor Palin by Investors Business Daily and came away with the impression that John McCain did indeed make a terrific choice for his running mate.

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