US Weekly update: Well lookee heeeere!!

Post contributed by Eric, 9/9/08

Poor US Weekly!  Just over two months after Rush Limbaugh agreed to a new eight-year contract with Premiere Radio Networks worth $400 million, news comes that US Weekly has been reduced to offering five free issues to subscribers infuriated over its obsequious, sycophantic coverage of Barack and Michelle Obama, and subsequent biased coverage of GOP Veep candidate Sarah Palin (at the front doorstep of “When did you stop beating your husband, or is it true that you are in fact still beating your husband?”). 

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It will be interesting to see what happens in the long-term with this checkout stand magazine.  Most people have focused on its subscribers, who right now are apparently leaving it in a way not unlike the Titanic and its passengers after it rammed a large iceberg on that cold April 14, 1912 night.  But what of US Weekly’s advertisers?  Aha!  Therein lies an even bigger question; and sure enough, it didn’t take long for a “Boycott US Weekly” website to come into being.

OK, but will the boycott be effective?  Longtime El Rushbo listeners will recall when militant feminists (“We’re fierce!  We’re feminists–and we’re in your face!”)  began a boycott of Florida orange juice, a product the Man Behind the Golden EIB Microphone was heavily advertising on his show–and sales of Florida orange juice went through the roof.  Will Barack Obama’s supporters now start snapping up copies of US Weekly, putting them on the checkout stand conveyor belt next to the organic arugula?  It’s possible.  But considering that a 23-point swing toward McCain/Palin has taken place among women 18 to 49 according to the latest NBC poll, and that most liberal daily newspaper circulation figures are plummeting as fast as crude oil prices these days, US Weekly could be marching in the same direction as Air America in terms of profitability as well as ideology.

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