It's time for Barack Obama to dump Joe Biden? (Updated)


There is no question about it. Joe Biden is a rock around Barack Obama’s neck and the tall skinny Democratic presidential nominee is starting to feel a little bent over. The cash flow is starting to slow, (since this was written, the Palin announcement has brought new, record breaking streams of donations into the Obama coffers…Obama says thanks Sarah!) the biased media has been exposed and those precious independent voters have discovered a real woman in politics with Sarah Palin. Can it suck any more right now for Obama (D-Rezko)?

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Those 18 million Hillary Clinton votes versus the handful Biden received is really starting to feel like the old locker room trick of itching powder in the jock strap for Obama (D-Ayers) right now. Most uncomfortable but you just can’t bring yourself to scratch and let everyone have their well deserved gut laugh. Obama, you really screwed the pooch with the terrible move of choosing Biden over Mrs. Clinton and your supporters are just beside themselves right now.

The joke is over. We know you have no idea what you are doing and that is why you brought Biden on board to begin with, but was he vetted well enough? We all know he has a real problem with his mouth especially around women and if I may take a moment, don’t think for a second he won’t try and put a move on the missus here real soon Mr. Obama, he kinda rolls that way. Joe Biden has also been known to be so in love with his own voice that he will really give you a run for the money when it comes to yacking the folks up at the rallies. Since he is a walking laugh line this probably won’t work out too well for you Mr. O.

I’m also starting to wonder if he a heavy drinker? The reason I ask is this rather embarrassing video which clearly shows he seems to be standing somewhere out in left field when the game was actually in the hockey rink. I hope he didn’t drive away from this little party!

Of course it really makes it tough to hang onto this guy especially when he is running around tossing out gems like this:

Heck, he never really wanted the job anyway!

I don’t think it is too late to replace Biden with Clinton Mr. Obama without the “Eagleton effect” smacking you upside the head too hard. I think there is still plenty of time to turn this shipwreck around if you make a decisive move right now as the liberals deserve your very best effort in this election.

Update: 9-12-08

While this is somewhat tongue in cheek word will begin to trickle out about Mr. Obama showing Joe Biden the door and dragging Hillary Clinton on board. I predict this will happen with about four to five weeks to go in the race hoping those millions of disenfranchised Hillary voters will get fired up and come running back to the flock. I’m curious to see if the media will consider this move as “pandering” as they continually cried when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate. I’m also curious as to just how cynical the media will be about Obama being desperate when he does make the move for Mrs. Clinton? We have all heard about the little palfest between the two men that can’t stand each other, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama, yet Clinton emerges with a “win, and handily at that” prediction for Obama. I’m assuming Obama has a fairly stinky set of lips about right now considering Mr. Clinton just recently proclaimed that Obama would have to kiss his ass if he expected any help from the former president. One can only speculate exactly what was agreed to in this meeting but I feel pretty confident that Mrs. Clinton sliding into the veep slot must have been strongly discussed. I’m just sayin’.

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