Sarah Palin's speech at the RNC. She wows the entire country.


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Well maybe not the entire country 🙂 I have read the rantings of a few very bitter left wing socialist hags on the message boards about how much they “hate” Sarah Palin which is interesting since this is really the first chance the folks of this country have had to see her. In fact the Republican convention was the most viewed election conventionEVER!

Sarah Palin is sporting the strongest approval rating of any governor and probably any politician in this country period! This speech will go down in history as she is not only the first Republican vice presidential candidate ever but she drew as many viewers (many outlets have Palin’s speech at over 40 million views which would push her past Mr. Obama) as Mr. Obama did with his spectacle in Denver on four less networks. I do think it is odd (wait, no I don’t) that her speech wasn’t covered by the four networks that apparently felt that only Obama’s speech mattered to the American people.

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This is one heck of a debut on the national stage by Governor Palin and it sure looks to me like she will have no problem going against the likes of Obama and Biden. Hopefully Biden can keep his famously gaffe prone mouth focused when the debates begin with Palin.

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