Wall Street Journal newsletter still doesn't get it right on stem cell research.

Post contributed by Eric:

From the Wall Street Journal

You would think that for as long as the issue of stem cell research has been in the news, that the drive-by media would by now be better at reporting the fact that there is, yes, actually more than one kind of stem cell research. There’s embryonic stem cell research, which relies on the killing of untold numbers of human embryos once their stem cells are harvested; and there’s adult stem cell research, which has a far more proven track record of actually arriving at therapies and cures, and which kills no one in the process.

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Yet this online Wall Street Journal article, which employs the familiar divide-and-conquer strategy in trying to erode conservative support for Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, has four writers–and none of them can or will get it right about the presence of multiple methods of stem cell research:

Unlike Sen. McCain, [Palin] opposes stem-cell research, which involves destruction of human embryos.

Except that, to state the obvious, stem cells from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood don’t destroy embryos or reduce them to the status of mere disposable commodities. And the liberals wring their hands and wonder why so many major newspaper circulation figures are declining precipitously!

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