Just why do the liberals….care?


Let’s utilize a little intellectual honesty here for just a moment shall we?

We have all seen the vitriol, the bashing, the attempts at dragging the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee through the mud since she was announced last week. Why? Why in the world would the liberals care so much about the person McCain chose? If she was such a terrible choice for McCain and the Republicans shouldn’t the Democrats be dancing on top of their bar tables in wild and unrestrained happiness and sheer joy? Golly, I’m a little confused about this!

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It was not exactly unexpected that the kooky far left blogs would immediately began floating absurd nonsense about Governor Palin, heck if nothing else just for bloodsport! After all the (in)tolerant left is well known for going after people they don’t like like vultures on a rotting carcass. This was not surprising to conservatives and we were expecting it. It’s the same old saw, the super loony left wing blogs start up with their ridiculous rumors about someone and the mainstream media lets it sweep the internet for a day or so then grab it with a “there are rumors sweeping the internet about….” article and bam, the horse is now out of the barn. Of course it appears the New York Times isn’t going to bother checking on the veracity of anything posted on the liberal blogs before publishing comments about the outrageous claim that Palin’s youngest son was actually her grandson.

The unbiased New York Times!

“For several days, rumors had swirled around on the Internet -– including links on highly trafficked Web sites to speculative, accusatory posts — about whether the Palins’ youngest son Trig was actually their grandson.”

See how it works? “hey folks, we’re just reporting that there is a rumor out there!”

Now let’s contrast that with this article in the New York Times.

“Its formation followed the recent release of a book by Jerome Corsi — who co-authored a book containing the Swift Boat group’s claims against Mr. Kerry — that contained various factual errors and unsubstantiated claims against Mr. Obama.”

Says who? The writer of the Times article? So they do care about factual errors and unsubstantiated claims huh? Evidently only when it comes to “the selected one,” Mr. Obama.

Many people have been following the stream of silly rumors that pop up just as soon as the latest one gets debunked and you can’t help but to wonder why the liberals are trying so hard to discredit Sarah Palin. After all if she is the rock around John McCain’s neck that they claim they should be thrilled! Let her drag him under!

So the latest news, and this time it is actually the truth, is that Governor Palin’s daughter is pregnant. OK, this could have turned out a bit better than many had hoped but as the story begins to unfold it turns out that many people can actually relate to the Palin family’s situation. This isn’t 1950 and we don’t sweep these things under the rug anymore and most of the reporting is pointing to the fact that the people of this country are very happy that Palin’s daughter is going to have the baby and marry the father. Like any of this is our business. I distinctly remember when both the Clintons were running for president and it was explicitly demanded by the parents that little Chelsea was off limits to any kind of discussion. Like conservatives need to be told not to go down this road. Anybody remember Obama telling everyone to lay off his wife? I do. Turns out Michelle Obama claims“”For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country.” Yet the wolves on the left have no problem going after the children and the personal family issues of the Palin’s. Why? Why not go after the issues that Sarah Palin stands for and her political background?

It’s easy. The liberals are running scared and they are hoping that by attacking Governor Palin, especially her family, it will cause her to decide it isn’t worth the crap she will have to go through and bail out. They know she is a strong candidate that can clean the clock of both Obama and Biden and the only chance they stand is to try and chase her back up to Alaska. The liberals also realize that if they are successful the game is up for McCain and “the selected one” and his gaffe machine sidekick are in like flynn. The worse possible scenario for this country would be the most left leaning presidential candidate that has ever run elected to the White House with the likes of Pelosi and Reid controlling Congress.

On a side note, I’m wondering if the media is just a little bit upset that all of the dirt they dug up on all the other vice presidential candidates and were getting ready to unleash went for naught? C’mon, you know they are pissed 😉

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